Florian Wanninger
Apianstr. 4
80796 Munich
phone: +49 176 23399900

     Curriculum vitae

    Personal Information  
  Name Florian Wanninger
  Adress Apianstr. 4
    80796 Munich
  Phone +49 176 23399900
  Place of birth 94315 Straubing
  Date of birth 16.08.1978
  Marital status single

1985 - 1989

Primary school
  1989 - 1996 Comprehensive secondary school
  1996 - 1998 Specialised secondary school,
qualification: A levels
  1999 - 2004 Computer science studies at Techical College Regensburg,
qualification: diploma

1998 – 1999

Community service at St. Elisabeth Clinic Straubing


1st practical semester at Siemens, Regensburg
  2001 2 month student trainee at Siemens, Regensburg
  2002 2 month student trainee at Osram, Regensburg
  2002 2nd practical semester at Infineon, Regensburg
  2002 – 2003 12 month student trainee at Infineon, Regensburg
  since 2004 freelance programmer
  Web (cms) (flash/php) (html/flash) (html/php) (html)
    Developing CMS (NOMOWEB)
    Trade fair datenbase for Panasonic/Matsushita (PHP/MySql)
    Imagedatabase with onlineshop (PHP/MySql)
  E-Learning SCORM 1.2/2004 (SumTotal) compatible WbtGenerator for Linde-Gas with all medias language independent(PHP/MySQL).
    E-Learning platform with eBooks, simulations and wbts for Accenture-Shell (PHP/MySQL)
    frameworks for multimedia content(Flash/AS/XML)
  OO Interfaces (DLLs) for Bertelsmann Lexicodisc (C/C++)
    Search and Indexing for Bertelsmann Lexicodisc (Swish-e/C/C++)




Programming: C#, C/C++ (Windows, VMS, Linux), Java
    more technics/languages: UML, SQL, XML, XSL, Latex
    Webdesign: Html, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Flash, Javascript, CSS
    Software: Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Flash), MVStudio .Net, Corel Suite, Photoshop, Ulead Gif Animator, Ulead Cool 3D, Eclipse (Java), Swish-e, Tib/RV
    Databases: Oracle, Access
    CMS: ContentServ, Drupal, Joomla, Nomoweb
    CRM systems in general
    Operating systems : Windows, Unix, Linux
    Network: Windows, Linux
  Hobbies Soccer, badminton, skiing, music, movies
  Language skills

English (very good)
French (good)
Thai (basics)


    Complete Application with certifications  
   english (974 kb)  
   german (975 kb)  
    Diploma Thesis  
   Theoretical part (german, 2.540 kb)  
  Info: Practical part is not going to be published.  
    Reports of my practical courses  
   1st practical course at Siemens (german, 688 kb)  
   2nd practical course at Infineon (german, 200 kb)  


    Personal homepage